I have decided to create a second genealogy blog with stories about my life for my children and grandchildren and anyone else who's interested, to read. I have been made more aware of my own mortality recently and have started to consider what is really important to me and what I can do about it. I have decided my first priority is my family and enjoying as much time as I can with them.
I will be posting about my experiences as well as re-posting some blogs from my other sites that are relevant to me.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Remember When... The Science Fair

I remember when I entered my project in the Science Fair at Gosfield North Central School, it must have been about 1970. I did my project on "The Killing of the Great Lakes'. While the rest of the kids in the family were in swimming, I walked along the shoreline taking pictures of the dead fish and litter on the beach. It was disgusting! I wouldn't go in the lake after that for years.
My dad helped me with my backboard, which was made of two pieces of plywood hinged together. I painted it and started to put pictures on it. I had a jar of lake water and even "captured" some air pollution in a mason jar by burning some "Black Snakes" a novelty item that looks like a black pellet and when lit, expanded really fast into an ash snake with a lot of black smoke.
As it turned out, I was the First Place winner for my grade and my prize was a model replica of the Apollo rocket and lunar module, I guess they didn't expect any girls to win. I let my older brother build it and play with it.

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